AVT Returns From InfoComm

AVT Returns From InfoComm

AVT, President Phil Joseph and Installation Manager Tyrone Long just returned from an amazing trip to the annual commercial A/V and information technology show known as Infocomm in Las Vegas. These shows are not only a great time to discover new products and emerging technologies on the expo floor but also allow an opportunity for some face time with vendors to discuss what is on the drawing board for the near future as well as service issues that may have been plaguing a particular product.

The show team also offer a variety of classes in both the technology sector as well as business management and best practices round-table and panel discussions. Unlike its residential counterpart CES, this show focuses on anything and everything that would be used in the commercial space from simple speakerphones that sit on a conference table to large scale displays that one would find at a stadium or arena.


Besides the classes and discussions, of particular interest to AVT this year was in two emerging product categories. The first is the electronic white boards or “Smart-Boards” as they are commonly called. In this category we looked at close to fifty offerings from various well known manufacturers as well as some forward thinking start-ups. There was a variety of models, some with just simple whiteboard recording capabilities to others that had full featured PC with browsers built in as well as video conferencing capabilities on board. We think we have found a real winner that rose above the rest we are in the process of working out a dealership agreement with…more on this in a future post.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

The second item we went to the show to seek out various options for was in the wireless connectivity arena to help handle the proliferation of BYOD (bring your own device) that has exploded in the conference room space. Although we do not believe they should ever completely replace hard-wired connectivity for a variety of reasons we do see them as immeasurably valuable as a way to keep a meeting flowing without having to have all the right connections as well as letting users share content from any of their ios, windows, mac or android devices.

Of course besides these two particular categories we saw new products from every major manufacturer from not quite released yet laser based video projectors that virtually eliminate cooling noise and bulb burn-out to the little black boxes that live behind the scenes far from the user interface that are vital to us working our magic.

Although we were there to view products in our corner of the commercial space, (Conference and Boardrooms) we couldn’t help but to get lured into exciting demonstration on things like 3D displays without glasses, LED video displays that are flexible enough to wrap around pillars and even (yes you are reading it right) “SmelloVision” a device that can enhance a theatrical movie release or produce a certain ambiance at a theme park or high end hotel. ….Well you can’t work all the time!!! http://www.infocomm.org

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