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Conference Room Presentation System Installation By AVT

AVT is a leader in commercial audio / visual systems and conference room presentation systems, specializing in the installation of audio visual systems, background music systems, lighting and climate control, conference room presentation systems, security/fire alarm systems, tv installation, data cabling and more.

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1984, our team includes a rare combination of engineers, systems designers, electricians and installers that can provide creative designs, systems integration and flawless control of your business. We recognize the special care and attention to detail needed when building or upgrading your workspace.

AVT Bay Area Conference Room Presentation System Installation

As an authorized dealer for top commercial electronics product lines, AVT will work with you to best meet your budget and quality requirements. With more than 25 years of experience in the conference room presentation systems and audio / visual industry, you can trust us to provide the products that best fit your needs at the best value.

If you’re planning a commercial audio / visual or conference room presentation system in the San Francisco Bay Area, call AVT at 1-800-499-4AVT today for FREE help and or a FREE estimate. We’d love to discuss your project!

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AVT Commercial Audio / Visual Services

From the design phase of your conference room media center or commercial A/V project to the final installation of your presentation and audio equipment, we work with you and contractors throughout the duration of your project to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Conference Room Presentation Systems

When you need to make a point to a lot of people at the same time, AVT can take any space and turn it into a place to make a stunning presentation. From making sure whatever you want to display is seen, to whatever you want to be heard, is heard, AVT takes care of it all.

Commercial Lighting Controls

Ever have an important business meeting ruined by the glare through the windows or tried to sit through an afternoon meeting with the sun beating down on the conference room. Either operated by the push of a button or pre-programmed to drop and rise at just the right times, automated shades make these annoyances a thing of the past. With many fabrics and designs to choose from, AVT can find a solution that not only enhances your environment but saves you money on your heating and cooling bills as well.

Background / Distributed Music and Video

Whether you want to distribute music in an existing space to create the perfect ambiance, or you are looking for a way to get sound into rooms that don’t currently have it in an office building, or presentation space, AVT has the products and experience to make that happen. Also, when looking to get what you want seen wherever you want it, AVT can take a one-room system to the next level, and the next room too! Both have the option of wired, or wireless. Don’t let wires hold you back!

Digital Signage

Take advertising to the next level and increase your exposure with digital signage. Digital Signage is the modern version of the poster, banner, or billboard. It offers a cost effective and flexible alternative. With Digital Signage, the “Content” can be updated remotely and rapidly, with no need to wait for printing and constant re-installation. Display new content at different times of the day or as the occasion specifies.

Data and Phone Cabling

A modern computer network begins by designing a data cabling infrastructure that allows all subsystems to integrate fully and easily. The next step is the proper running and termination or all those cables. Lack of knowledge or care in these two important areas can slow your state of the art network to a snails place. AVT has the training, tools and test equipment to make sure you get all the speed you’re paying for.

Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing uses telecommunications and audio / video to bring people at different sites together for a meeting. This can be as simple as a conversation between two people in private offices or involve several sites with many people in large rooms at different sites. Using phone and video conferencing for many of your meetings can save time and money that used to be spent on travel.

Energy Management

An energy management system allows you to monitor and control your energy consumption of the air conditioner, the lights, electronics, and large machines too, giving you a detailed history as well as an accurate real time analysis so you know exactly what to expect the next time you get the bill in the mail.

Full Electrical Services

Basic electrical hasn’t changed in a 100 years, right?….wrong. From color matching the faceplates of your light switches to surge protection that prolongs motor life and saves energy, AVT is equipped to offer full range electrical services. We will inform you of all the options so you can save time and money and make the process as smooth and as simple as possible.

Our Locations

AVT East Bay
38 Beta Ct. C-8
San Ramon, CA 94583
Phone: 925-838-8444
Fax: 925-838-8446
Email: [email protected]
AVT San Francisco
201 Spear St. #1100
San Francisco, CA 94106
Phone: 415-713-4288
Fax: 415-713-4288
Email: [email protected]

Map and Directions

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Conference Rooms Bay Area | AVT

Conference Rooms Bay Area | AVT